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Show Night Menu
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Weekday Menu:

Weekday menu:

We run a scratch kitchen from locally sourced products.
We prefer organic and hormone-free when possible.
BBC Soup 6  (v.g)  Our signature black bean and corn soup.
Daily Soup 6 (*) Ask your server what’s in the pot today.

House Salad 12  (v.g *)
Tabouleh of quinoa & spelt-berry, veggies, herbs and goat cheese,
on shredded kale & romaine, wheat-free, tahini-lime dressing           
    • with salmon  18
    • with chicken 17
Chipotle Caesar 12   (g *)
Romaine lettuce, asiago, bacon and crutons.
The dressing is smokey, piquant and anchovie-free     
    • with salmon  18
    • with chicken 17
Salad Wraps 13   (v.g *)
Rice paper rolls with vegetables, fruit, herbs & rice noodles.
Spicy peanut dipping sauce.
    — vegan, wheat/peanut-free sauce available.

Mushroom Crostini 12   
Creamy, spicy mushrooms on baguette toasted with cheese.

Hummous Trio 13  (v.g *)  
with corn tostadas and pita  
    • Classic White - with cilantro, tahini & garlic.
    • Rockin’ Red - with roasted pepper, garlic & chili
    • Groovy Green - with spinach, garlic & lime pickle

Ceviche 12  (*)
Ask your server about the current mood of our cevicheria.

Nachos  20    (g)
Crispy tostadas baked with cheese, black beans, jalepeno and chorizo, topped with sour cream and guacamole.
Tostada chips & salsa  8   (v.g) 
crispy chips with our spicy salsa

Guacamole & tostadas 12  (v.g)  
avocados at their best

Pad Thai  17.50
Chicken, shrimp and vegetables in our signature peanut sauce
on rice noodles, topped with sprouts, lime.
Vegetarian Pad Thai  17.50  (v. g *)
Tofu replaces the meat proteins.
    — Vegan, peanut/wheat-free sauce available — please ask.

Blue Chair Bison Burger 18
with roasted potato or garden salad.  

Locally sourced, fresh-ground bison cross-rib, on ciabatta,
with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickle and chili aioli.
- caesar salad - add 2     bacon - add  1

Salmon Burger 18
with roasted potato or garden salad.

A fillet of sustainable wild-caught salmon with spinach
on ciabatta with tomato, pickle & wasabi tartar sauce.
- caesar salad - add 2

Seafood Enchiladas  21  (g)   
Soft corn tortillas stuffed with crab, cod and shrimp,
baked with cheese and served with poblano sauce.
- with rice, black beans and pico de gallo.

New York Steak  24
Centre-cut AA Alberta striploin cut. Seasoned and grilled, served with roasted potato, seasonal vegetables and jerk toast.


Thank you for supporting live music. Please be quiet during performance!

Prices do not include GST. Minimum charge $25 per person on event nights

18% gratuity on parties of 6 or more