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Show Night Menu
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Weekday menu:


BBC Soup cup 4 bowl 6
Black Bean and Corn soup. Can be vegan if you hold the sour cream

Sopa del Dia cup 4 bowl 6
Always fun and tasty


House Salad 12
Tabouleh of mixed herbs, quinoa & spelt-berry in tahini-soy-lime dressing (wheat-free), on shredded greens, topped with julienne vegetables, fruit and goat cheese. Can be made without spelt.

Chipotle Caesar 11
Smoky and spicy, anchovie-free dressing on romaine with bacon, croutons and Asiago cheese.

Appetizers to share

Seafood Cakes 14
Dungeness, Snow & Blue Crab and cod, organic potatoes, coated in pancko, grilled and served with mango salsa.

Nachos 18
Layers of crispy tostadas with black beans, chorizo and salsa, baked with cheese. Topped with sour cream and guacamole.

Ceviche 13
Salmon, scallop and shrimp marinated in lime juice and seasoned with tomato, chili and cilantro. Served with tostadas in a corn tostada bowl.

Salad Wraps 12
Our famous rice paper rolls with spinach, shredded vegetables, herbs and fruit. Served with spicy peanut dipping sauce.

Hummus Trio 12
• Classic white with cilantro and tahini
• Fiery red with roasted pepper and chili
• Cool green with spinach and lime pickle
Served with pita wedges and corn tostada.

Celiac friendly if you take only corn tostadas

Mushroom Crostini 12
Sliced mushroom in reduced cream and Thai red curry on baguette slices. Baked with cheese.

Mexican appetizer 12
Salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and beans. Served with corn tostadas

Edamame 9
Steamed soy bean pods, tossed in sea salt.

Chair Fare Favorites


Pad Thai 17.50
Chicken, shrimp and vegetables and our signature peanut sauce on rice noodles, topped with sprouts and lime.

Vegan Pad Thai 17.50
Tofu replaces the meats, and the vegan sauce contains no peanut, fish sauce or wheat.

Vegetarian Lasagne 19.50
Seven vegetables, two sauces, four cheeses, egg and spinach noodles all layered and baked.
Served with garlic jerk toast and garden salad.

Rice & Beans 13
Baked organic black turtle beans, served with basmati rice, pico de gallo and crispy tostadas, topped with cheese and sour cream. They’re celiac-friendly & vegetarian- vegan if you hold the cheese and sour cream.

Bison Burger 16
Super lean ground cross-rib bison meat on ciabatta with lettuce tomato and chili aioli.
Served with roasted potato or garden salad.
• add bacon 2
• add cheese 2
• sub caesar salad 2

Salmon Burger 16
A fillet of seared salmon with spinach, tomato, pickle & wasabi tartar sauce. With roasted potato or garden salad.
• Sub caesar salad 2

La Cocina Mexicana

Served with warm soft corn tortillas and condiments that include cilantro, onion, salsa, radish and lime.
Choose from the following: (sorry, no combos)
• Home-made Chorizo 18
• Chicken 18
• Vegetarian, beans, guacamole 17

Soft corn tortillas stuffed and baked with poblano-cream salsa and served with Mexican rice, black beans and pico de gallo. Choice of :
Pulled chicken 22
Seafood – fish, scallop and crab 23
Vegitarian 21
(sorry, no combos)

Carne de Res Bandera 24
Marinated skirt steak, charbroiled to medium, sliced in the kitchen and finished with chimichuri and tomato and onion salsa. Served with Mexican rice, pico de gallo, pickled onion and soft tortillas.
Skirt steak is prized in Tex-Mex kitchens for its flavor and texture. Salsa Bandera celebrates the tri-colored Mexican flag.

Pollo con Mole Rojo 23
Char-broiled chicken thighs with Mole Rojo. Served with pickled red onion, black beans, Mexican rice, and pico de gallo.
Mole Rojo is the most famous of Oaxaca’s moles, made from roasted tomato, onion, garlic, spices and chilies, finished with bitter-sweet cocoa.

Chile Relleno 22
Stuffed poblano chili pepper, roasted, peeled and stuffed with cheese, coated with a light egg batter, fried and served with a tomato salsa, black beans, Mexican rice and pico de gallo.
This is a classic Sinaloa state recipe. Usually mild, the dark green poblano is prized for its distinctive peppery flavor and unpredictable heat.

Camarones Diablo 24
Large prawns fried in butter and garlic, then finished with Salsa Diablo, and served with Mexican rice, black beans and pico de gallo.
Diablo sauce is habaneros and chipotle chilies, garlic and onion mashed in the classic molcajete, a volcanic mortar and pestle.

Extra tortillas 4
Jerk toast 3
Guacamole 5
Salsa 3


Thank you for supporting live music. Please be quiet during performance!

Prices do not include GST. Minimum charge $18 per person on event nights

18% gratuity on parties of 6 or more


Dinner Menu

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