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Dinner Menu

We run a scratch kitchen from locally sourced products. We prefer organic and hormone-free when possible.


(v) vegetarian (possibly vegan)
(g) gluten minimized
(gf) gluten free
(*) ask server


BBC Soup • 6 (v, gf)
Our signature house-made organic black bean and corn soup

Soup Special • 6 (*)
Ask your server what our chef has created for you today

Blue Chair Signature Seafood Cakes • 13
Made with a variety of crabmeat, wild Pacific cod, herbs and potato,
crusted with panko and served on spinach with mango-chili salsa

Sichuan-Style Crusted Ahi • 16 (g)
Sushi-grade Ahi tuna, crusted with hwai jao and chilies,
seared and served with our wasabi tartar and house-made chia chips

Ceviche Peruano • 13 (g)
Wild Pacific cod marinated Peruvian-style in lime with pepper and onion,
served with avocado, cucumber and house-fried corn tostadas

Mushroom Crostini •13 (v, g)
Sliced crimini mushrooms, spicy red curry and cream reduction,
toasted on baguette slices with cheddar and jack cheese

House Salad •13 (v, g *) we can also make it gluten-free
Blue Chair tabouleh: quinoa, spelt and herbs with tahini-lime dressing
garnished with fresh vegetables on kale and romaine
 - add grilled free-range chicken • 7
 - add wild salmon • 7
 - add minced bison cross rib • 8

Seaweed Salad •13 (v, g)
Shredded seaweed in savoury, sesame-scented marinade,
served on clear seaweed noodles and spinach
 - add Sichuan pepper-crusted Ahi tuna • 9
 - add grilled hormone-free chicken • 7

Salad Wraps • 13 (v, gf)
Our signature crunchy rice-paper rolls,
filled with fresh vegetables, fruit and rice noodles
and served with our tangy homemade peanut dip
 - available with vegan sauce — peanut and gluten free


Pescado a la Veracruzana • 22 (g)
Wild-caught scarlet snapper with Veracruz-style tomato-onion-olive-pepper sauce,
served with basmati rice, organic black beans and pico de gallo salad

Seared Salmon • 21
Wild salmon, dill and cream reduction, served with roasted potatoes and vegetables

Camarones del Diablo • 23 (g) (spicy)
Prawns sauteed in our chef's fiery-hot tomato-chili sauce,
served with basmati rice, organic black beans and fresh pico de gallo salad

Lamb Shanks • 24 (g)
Braised in gluten-free beer and apple juice, finished with Korean sweet'n spicy glaze,
served on spinach risotto with roasted vegetables

New York Steak • 28 (g)
9 oz centre-cut AA striploin, aged at least 21 days, char-broiled to your preference,
served with green peppercorn cream reduction, roasted potatoes and vegetables
 - add garlic prawns • 6

Turkey Curry • 20 (g *)
Dark-meat turkey, simmered with carmelized onion and Caribbean garam masala,
served with basmati rice and roasted vegetables, and our mango chutney
 - add roti • 3

Pad Thai • 20
Chicken, shrimp and vegetables stir-fried in our signature peanut sauce,
on rice noodles and topped with crunchy bean sprouts
 - (v) available with tofu instead of meats (contains soy and fish sauce)
 - (v, gf) also available with vegan sauce — peanut and gluten free

Bison Burger • 18
Char-broiled, super-lean, free-range bison cross rib, with lettuce, tomato and chili aioli on ciabatta
 - add alder bacon • 2
 - add cheddar cheese • 2

Organic Black Bean Spaghetti • 19 (v, gf)
Vegan and gluten free, served with red coconut curry sauce and roasted vegetables
 - add garlic prawns • 6
 - add grilled hormone-free chicken • 7

Vegetable Paella • 20 (v, gf)
Rich saffron-infused Spanish-style risotto, cooked with fresh seasonal vegetables
 - add garlic prawns • 6
 - add grilled hormone-free chicken • 7

* GST is not included in menu pricing
* Parties of 6 or more will be subject to an 18% gratuity added automatically to your bill
* A minimum charge of $25 per person will be applied on show nights.