The Blue Chair Team

Our success lies in our team's dedication and attention to detail.

Harold Wollin - ownerhrdrdw.jpg

Harold is a Red Seal Chef and graduate of NAIT, class of '74. In addition to work in restaurants and hotels of Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver, a large part of his career had him working at sea. There was a dive charter boat in Micronesia, followed by 8 years on an icebreaker in the Canadian Arctic and culminating on an eco-cruise ship that sailed from Newfoundland to Antarctica and back.

His travels took him to more than 35 countries, where his love of cooking had him poking around in the humble kitchens of the restaurants he visited. He is still a traveler with a keen interest in studying and adapting the techniques and ingredients of ethnic food to Canadian tastes and availability of ingredients is the essence of the Blue Chair.

In the kitchen and on the floor our dedicated staff members do their best to keep the dream alive!