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Brunch Menu

Served Saturday from 10 am until 2:30 pm, and Sunday from 9 am until 2:30


Poached free-range eggs served on various garnishes and bread, with chipotle hollandaise, fresh fruit & potatoes - gluten-free bread available
Capicola Benny 16.95
The Classic benny with grilled capicola on whole grain rye.
Smoked Salmon Benny 16.95
Cream cheese & smoked salmon on russian rye.
California Benny 15.95
Cream cheese, avocado & grilled tomato on whole grain.
Florentine Benny 14.95
Goat and cream cheese with spinach on French bread.
Crab-Cake Benny 17.95
Potato cakes filled with crabmeat, wild Pacific cod & herbs, served on spinach.
add-ons 5
salmon — spinach — capicola — avocado/tomato
add steak to any benny 7

Brunch Out

Vegetable & Bacon Frittata 15.95
Potato, vegetables, bacon & cheese in an open-faced omelette, with salsa, baguette & fresh fruit.
Huevos Rancheros 15.95 (celiac friendly)
Soft white corn tortillas, black beans & cheese, sunny fried eggs, ranchero sauce, sour cream, topped with lettuce & pico de gallo.
Tofu Rancheros 15.95 (vegan and celiac friendly)
Same as above - but substitute grilled tofu for eggs & hold the dairy.
Blueberry Yogurt Pancakes 14.95
Big, light, fluffy blueberry pancakes with butter, maple syrup & fresh fruit.
add Bacon 4
Banana Bread French Toast 14.95
With fresh bananas, served with maple syrup & fresh fruit.
The BELTCH Sandwich 15.95
Bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato & cheese on ciabatta - with potatoes.
Fruit and Yogurt 12
Two types of yogurt, homemade granola & fresh fruit.
Kid’s Breakfast 9 (only for kids either under 12 or over 65)
A poached egg, a blueberry pancake & a slice of bacon.

Chair Fare

House Salad • 13 (available as gluten free or vegan)
Tabouleh of quinoa, speltberry & herbs with tahini-lime dressing, garnished with fresh vegetables & goat cheese on a bed of kale & romaine.
Pad Thai 17.50 (gluten-free sauce available)
Chicken, shrimp & vegetables stir-fried in our spicy coconut-peanut sauce, on rice noodles & topped with crunchy bean sprouts.
Vegan Pad Thai 17.50
With vegan, gluten-free sauce, vegetables & tofu to replace the meat protein.
Bison Burger 18
Ground lean cross-rib with lettuce, tomato, pickle & chili aioli on brioche. Comes with roasted baby potatoes.
• add bacon 2
• add cheese 2
Soup bowl 6
Choose from our black bean & corn soup, or the special soup of the day.

* GST is not included in menu pricing
* Parties of 6 or more will be subject to an 18% gratuity added automatically to your bill