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Breakfast Menu 7am - 3 pm Tuesday - Friday

Please check the Brunch menu for Saturday and Sunday.

Earlybird Special before 9am  

2 free-run eggs with fried potatoes & artisan toast.
 choice of:  thick-sliced alder-smoked maple bacon or our own spicy brats
Eggs and Bacon
2 free-run eggs with  thick-slice alder-smoked maple bacon and fried potatoes. Comes with artisan-bread toast. 
Eggs and Brats  
2 free-run eggs with fried potatoes & our signature K&K spicy brats. Comes with artisan-bread toast. 
The Ritchie Scramble
3 free-run eggs scrambled with bacon, herbs, veggies & cheese. Comes with fried potatoes & artisan-bread toast.  
Montreal Smoked-Beef Hash 
Montreal-style smoked meat fried with potatoes, green onions & herbs. Comes with two free-range eggs, pico de gallo & artisan-bread toast.
Old Country Gritz   -  German Jambalaya
Barley groats braised with smoked pork and onion, re-fried with bacon, green onion & herbs. Served with two free-range eggs, tomato salsa & artisan-bread toast.
The BELTCH Sandwich  
Thick-slice alder-smoked maple bacon, eggs, lettuce, tomato and cheese in a toasted ciabatta bun.
Yogurt and granola  ---   add on extra fruit  
Huevos Rancheros -  Gluten free
Black beans with cheese on soft white corn tortillas, topped with 2 fried eggs, ranchero sauce, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream. 

Lunch Menu, 11am - 3 pm Tuesday - Friday

The Dash-away The “in-a-hurry” option    
 A creative sandwich and a cup of soup.
Soup of the day     Fresh daily, always good!
BBC Soup    (GF, vegan available)
Black bean and corn soup with sour cream and tostadas.
Salad Wraps    (available as vegan or gluten-free)
Our famous rice paper wraps filled with julienned vegetables, fruit & bean sprouts. Served with delicious peanut dipping sauce.
House Salad    (available as vegan or gluten-free)
Quinoa and spelt with fresh herbs in a tabouleh with tahini-lime dressing. Served on shredded greens, topped with vegetables, fruit and feta cheese —available with grilled chicken breast  
Chipotle Caesar Salad    
Our ever-popular salad is smoky, spicy and anchovie free. Served with bacon, croutons and Asiago cheese.
 —available with grilled chicken breast 
Pad Thai   (available as vegan or gluten-free)
Thai stir-fry with vegetables and our delicious peanut and coconut-milk sauce, on rice noodles, topped with crunchy bean sprouts in three styles: 
      regular:  with chicken and shrimp
      vegetarian:   with tofu instead of chicken and shrimp   
      vegan:   with tofu and vegan sauce
  with your choice of sauces:
      regular:   contains peanuts, gluten and fish sauce
      vegan:    free of peanuts, gluten and fish sauce


Come with choice of rainbow potato salad or cup of soup. GF bread available
Bison Burger    
Grilled fresh-ground, lean bison, lettuce, tomato & pickle with chili aioli in a brioche bun.
—add cheese, or alder maple bacon, or both  
Fish sandwich with wild-caught cod loin, marinated and baked and tucked into a crusty ciabatta, with lettuce, cucumber and salsa criolla. 
Grilled Reuben
Montreal smoked meat, grilled with sauerkraut & chilies, topped with Swiss cheese on artisan bread.

* GST is not included in menu pricing
* Parties of 6 or more will be subject to an 18% gratuity added automatically to your bill