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Day Menu 

Please check the Brunch menu for Saturday and Sunday.

Early Bird Special before 8:30

Eggs and ...  8   Two free-range eggs with hash browns & artisan toast. choice of:  sausage  - or  - alder-smoked maple bacon

... breakfast from 7 am ‘til 3 pm

Eggs and ...  9.50  Two free-range eggs with hash browns & artisan toast. choice of: sausage  - or  - alder-smoked maple bacon

The Ritchie Scramble 10.50  3 free-run eggs scrambled around bacon, herbs, veggies adn cheese. Served with hash browns and sourdough grain toast. 

Smoked-Beef Hash 11.50  Montreal-style smoked meat, potato, green onions & herbs, with two free-range eggs, pico de gallo & artisan toast.

Spanish Omelette 11.50  3 free-run eggs and herbs in an omelette filled with vegetables, herbs tomato, salsa. Served with hash browns and sourdough grain toast. 

Old Country Gritz  11.50  -—  German Jambalaya  -   Braised smoked pork and barley groats, fried with bacon & herbs, with two free-range eggs, tomato salsa & artisan toast.

Cut fresh fruit collection   3

Yogurt and granola  6   

The BELTCH Sandwich  15   Bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato and cheese on brioche. Comes with roasted baby potatoes or green salad.

Lunch from 11 am 'til 3 pm

 The Dash-away 14 - the "in-a'hurry" option   A creative open-faced sandwich, and a cup of soup


BBC  6   black bean and corn soup  

Soup of the day  6  


Salad Wraps  15   (vegan gluten-free sauce available)

Our famous rice paper wraps filled with julienne vegetables, mango & rice noodles, and delicious peanut dipping sauce. 

House Salad  13   (available as vegan or gluten-free)

Quinoa, amaranth, spelt and fresh herb tabouleh with tahini-lime dressing, on greens with vegetables fruit and goat cheese.     • add on chicken 3

Cobb Salad  13  A variety of vegetables, avocado, boiled egg and Asiago on a bed of greens.  Creamy herb dressing on the side.    • add chicken 3

... SANDWICHES   -  Choice of roasted baby potatoes, green salad or soup.

Bison Burger  17  Ground lean cross-rib with lettuce, tomato, pickle & chili aioli on brioche.  

— add cheese  3,   or   bacon  3,  or   both  5

Salmon Burger  16  Sustainable salmon with spinach, tomato, wasabi tartar on brioche. 

The Reuben  15 - our take on the classic deli sandwich. Grilled whole-grain artisan bread, with Montreal smoked meat, sauerkraut, chilies and swiss cheese. 

* GST is not included in menu pricing
* Parties of 6 or more will be subject to an 18% gratuity added automatically to your bill