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Dinner Menu

Signature Chair Fare

Soup • 6

Signature black bean & corn soup   

Soup of the day  

House Salad • 14 (GF—  without spelt) (v) (* — available as vegan)

Tabouleh of quinoa, amaranth, spelt & mixed fresh herbs with tahini-lime dressing on a bed of greens. Garnished with fresh vegetables, fruit & goat cheese 

Chipotle Ceasar Salad • 13 (v*) (gf) 

Our ever-popular Caesar is smoky, spicy and anchovie-free.

Served with bacon, croutons and Asiago cheese.

Make a meal out of your salad choice:

• chicken breast - Sauce Andino  • add 7
• seared salmon - Sauce Pakatnamu • add 8
• sautéed prawns - garlic & herb butter • add 7

Salad Wraps • 16 (v) (GF) (*) (vegan/gluten-free sauce available)

Signature rice-paper rolls with fresh vegetables, fruit, & rice noodles with our unique tangy peanut dip. 

Mushroom Crostini • 16   

Baguette toasted with mushrooms, Thai red curry cream and cheese.

Bean Dip • 16  (gF)

Black beans with cheese, topped with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo  -  served with our corn tostadas.

Beans and Rice • 16  (gF)

Black beans baked with cheese, with rice and pico de gallo

Hummus • 15  (gF* — sub corn tostadas for pita)

The perennial sharing favourite. Two styles will vary, ask your server  -  served with cucumber slices and pita.

Bison Burger • 17  

Ground lean local bison on brioche, with lettuce, tomato, pickle and spicy aioli. 

• add alder maple bacon - 3
• add cheddar cheese - 3
• add both - 5

Pad Thai • 20  (v) (GF) (*)  Chicken, shrimp & vegetables stir-fried in our spicy coconut-peanut sauce, on rice noodles & topped with crunchy bean sprouts.

• with vegan sauce (peanut, fish & gluten free)
• with tofu instead of meats(contains peanuts, soy & fish sauce)
• with tofu and vegan sauce  (vegan option)

Vegetarian Lasagna • 23 (v)  Seven vegetables, four cheeses, bechamel and tomato sauces. Our perennial favourite is back - with jerk toast!

Beef Short Ribs • 25 (gf)  Beer-braised, meaty short ribs with a spicy Korean glaze. Served on mashed potatoes with roasted vegetables.

La Cocina Novo Andina

New items from the New Andean Kitchen

 -as interpreted by Chef Daniel

Ceviche Especial • 17 (gF)   This method of cooking seafood in lime juice originated in Peru. Ingredients vary, but the flavour is exquisite. 

• Leche de Tigre 5 - Tiger’s Milk - the essence of Lima!  - mix a half ounce shot of Pisco into your marinade.

Camarones a la Mancora • 16 (gf)  Appetizer of sautéed prawns, served on sweet potato mash and finished with passionfruit-ginger sauce.

Seco a la Norteña • 25 (gf) Lamb shank braised with onions and chilies in gluten-reduced beer, served with the reduction, rice, lima beans, yucca and vegetables.

Pollito Andino • 23 (gf) Roasted chicken breast on quinoa pilaf and roasted vegetables, with a cream sauce of shallots, roasted bell and Rocoto peppers.

Salmón al Pakatnamu • 25 (GF)  (served slightly underdone)  Sustainable salmon, seared and topped with sautéed prawns and scallops, finished with ahi Panca cream sauce. Served with mixed-grain risotto & roasted vegetables.

We run a scratch kitchen.
We use green products, recycle, 
and source locally whenever possible. 
Please advise your server of any allergies, and
ask about compatiblity with your dietary needs. 
Substitutions may be declined or surcharged.
18% gratuity charged on parties of 6 or more. 
Compostable packages for take-home  - 50¢
GST is not included.