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Soups and Salads 
Signature black bean & corn soup   (easily made GF or vegan)
Soup of the day     (ask your server)
House Salad  (GF or vegan available)
Quinoa and spelt with fresh herbs in a tabouleh with tahini-lime dressing. Served on shredded greens, topped with vegetables, fruit and feta cheese.  • available with cod loin or chicken breast 
Chipotle Ceasar Salad 
Our ever-popular Caesar is smoky, spicy and anchovie-free. Served with bacon, croutons and Asiago cheese. 
•available with cod loin or chicken breast  26
Sharable Plates
Salad Wraps    (vegan/gluten-free sauce available)
Our famous rice paper wraps filled with julienned vegetables, fruit and
bean sprouts. Served with delicious peanut dipping sauce.
Mushroom Crostini  
House favourite; baguette slices smothered with mushrooms in a 
reduced Thai red-curry cream and baked with cheese. 
Hummus   (GF)
Beans of many an ilk, cooked tender and blended with tahini and richly flavoured ingredients. Served with olive tapenade, pita, tostadas and cucumber slices to dip. 
Guacamole, salsa and tostadas   (GF) 
Scratch ingredients, house-made tostadas.
Jerk Prawns 
Prawns sautéed in butter with jerk spices. Served with baguette slices.
Chair Fare
Bison Burger  
Lean, fresh ground bison, in a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle 
and Chair hot-sauce aioli.  Choose a side salad or roasted baby potatoes.   
• add alder maple bacon  • add cheddar cheese  • add both 
Pescadito Sandwich
Fish sandwich with wild-caught, marinated and baked cod loin, 
tucked into a crusty bun, with lettuce, cucumber and salsa criolla. 
Choose a side salad or roasted baby potatoes.
Chicken Breast Sandwich 
Seared chicken breast, with pumpkin-seed pesto, asiago, spinach, roasted red pepper, hummus and tomato on ciabatta. Choose a side salad or roasted baby potatoes. 
• add alder maple bacon • add avocado   • add both 
Pad Thai 
Thai-style stir-fry with vegetables and rice noodles, finished with our delicious peanut and coconut-milk sauce, and topped with crunchy bean sprouts.  
Available in three styles:  
regular:   regular sauce with chicken and shrimp
vegetarian:   regular sauce — substitute tofu for chicken and shrimp   
vegan:   vegan sauce with tofu
With these sauce choices:
regular:  contains peanuts, gluten & fish sauce
vegan:   free of peanuts, meat protein & gluten
Black Beans and Rice   (GF, vegan available)
The perennial favourite of our staff through the years. 
Brazilian-style vegetarian black turtle beans,  baked with cheese, 
plated with basmati rice, pico de gallo, lettuce and a dollop of sour cream.
• available with cod loin  or chicken breast 
Vegetarian Lasagne   
Another favourite from the history book. Flat noodles layered with vegetables, four kinds of cheese,  tomato and basil sauce, and finished with cream. Served with a side salad and our famous jerk toast!
Chicken Breast  (GF)
Seared and baked breast, on polenta cake with mushroom, artichoke, spinach and roasted red pepper coulis.
Salmon Dinner   (GF) 
Sustainably raised west-coast spring salmon, seared and served with Thai yellow coconut curry sauce, roasted baby potatoes, succotash and beet chips.
Special   (price varies)    (GF) 
Always on the lookout for dishes for our new menu.  
Ask your server for today’s feature.