Anderson Burko

May 06th 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm


The AnB show promises an energy-filled night of music and great stories. AndersonBurko music stays close to their flatland roots—great song writing with strong vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar, weeping pedal steel, smokin’ lead guitar, piano, fiddle and mandolin. 

The AndersonBurko Band features:
Roy Anderson and Darrell Burko on vocals, guitar, mandolin and harmonica
Daryl Pierce on bass
Fabian Minnema on lead guitar
Lucas Goetz on pedal steel,Hal Schrenk on drums.

More on The AndersonBurko Band

 AndersonBurko traces its roots to a backyard bonfire in a Saskatoon neighborhood – a couple of guitars, a bit or rum, and a few cigars. This first AndersonBurko session took place one evening in 1997. Later that year, Burko joined Anderson’s band The MuckRakers, adding a folk and country influence to the band’s blues focus until the band played its final show in 2000.

Anderson and Burko are quintessential “backyard” musicians. They both grew up listening to everything from The Beatles to Johnny Cash, Van Morrison to Bruce Cockburn, and of course, John Prine. 

Although their musical styles are different, their shared interest in the music of singer/songwriters led to writing songs. Neither had any illusions about becoming full-time musicians, but music needs an audience, and Anderson and Burko both wanted to continue to perform, so … the AndersonBurko band was the next step.

Their debut CD, Enjoy the Show, was released in Saskatoon in 2009. The band sold all 1,000 copies of the CD that year – a great response to the new music. Since then, they’ve criss-crossed the plains with the AndersonBurko Band playing roots-infused folkrockcountryblues.  From songs about longing hearts, stumbling lovers and trucks on their debut, they pushed the roots/folk boundary with good intention with Mitch’s Garage in 2011. Songwriting for their self titled third album was kicked off by an escape to Texas, where they co-wrote tunes at a remote hunting shack.

This album is true to their flatland roots....  a good musical mix from a fine mix of musicians (4 stars out of 5, Star Phoenix, Bill Robertson, March 26th, 2015.)

“The songs of Anderson Burko disclose a deep respect for the traditions of folk and country music. Songs that tell of hopes and dreams, longing for, cherishing and losing love. Stories of the world and lives we lead. Both are excellent songwriters, taking inspiration from greats like Young and Prine and Eaglesmith.” (Jeff Montgomery on CFCR Saskatoon)                            

AnB promises energy-filled music and great stories. The annual tour has been selling out venues like the Ironwood in Calgary and the Bassment in Saskatoon – the band is looking forward to adding the Blue Chair to the tour.