Andino Suns

Mar 24th 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

andinosuns.jpgAndino Suns


Regina-based Andino Suns' culturally hyphenated music combines the sizzling Andean sun with the wide expanse of the Canadian Prairies. Their genre-defying music is steeped in their cherished Chilean heritage, combining traditional Andean instrumentations with modern Latin grooves to produce a signature sound that's truly their own. rich vocals proclaim the band's world view of political activism, hope and love. 

Western Canadian Music Award winners in 2017 for World Artist of the Year, Andino Suns have performed for festival audiences throughout North America since 2013. They have three albums under their belts, and a single, Tiburo?n, released in Fall 2017.

Andre?s Davalos — Lead vocals, Charango, Guitar, Quena, Zampona, Harmonica
Andre?s Palma — Guitar, Vocals.
Tony Davalos — Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Christian Moya — Lead Guitar and Charango
Justin Hauck — Drums