Ann Vriend

Oct 02nd 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Cover: $15Ann Vriend


Ann Vriend with Jory Kinjo and Fred Brenton.

The voice of Edmonton local, Ann Vriend: “Soulful, inspiring, brave and bluesy” (Rip It Up, Adelaide) with a “vocal range from vulnerable delicacy to blasts of soulful power” (Halifax Chronicle) Vriend's vocal sound has been described as an enchanting cross between the girly timbre of Dolly Parton and the blues-filled prowess of Aretha Franklin-- and as “almost confronting in its candour” by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Ann Vriend's new album, entitled "For The People In The Mean Time" tells tales of her rough, inner city neighbourhood against the backdrop of explosive indie soul beats and harmonies. Despite the subject matter "backed with heavy grooves For The People In The Mean Time is upbeat without forcing needless optimism" writes the Calgary Sun, adding "Vriend's voice is unmistakable, catching and powerful."

Jori Kinjo from the Kinjo Brothers, frontman and bassist for Mocking Shadows. He has toured across North America and opened for artists like BB King. Fred Benton, the drumnmer from Mocking Shadows, now also and Edmonton local, will be playing guitar in the duo. Together their work is really catchy and upbeat with tight harmonies, almost to the Simon and Garfunkel level.