Cam Penner

Oct 27th 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Cam Penner

Cam Penner doesn’t so much sing songs as summon them up like a medium calling up spirits. His gentle growl can become a Delta howl, as if he is the conduit, a mere medium articulating the blues of a whole continent, emanating from a bottomless well of shared everyman experience. His remarkably sympathetic foil and musical cohort, electric guitar and lap steel sound sculptor Jon Wood, conjures up sound and colour, building spaces where ghosts dwell and shadows beckon.

"Further proof that the best Americana comes from Canada" - Americana UK

watch his latest video: Honey - Cam Penner


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 Praise for Cam's Live Show

"...had the emotional heft and strength of ancient spirituals, Penner showing why some folk have described his music as shamanistic." -Paul Kerr/Maverick Magazine, Jan 2016

 "All the power, all the drama, all the sorrow, is in the rise and fall of the vocal. It all makes you want to stomp and cheer, to wail and cry along with them. The songs come and go in waves – washing the shores of our expectations like a tide..."

-Folk Radio UK, Jan 2016

 “...the show went on, fragments of abstract songs flowing into a place where folk meets electronica, or,if you like, a meeting of Woody Guthrie and Brian sum up tonight's performance: magical, charming, ethereal and unique but even those do not do it justice." -Fatea Magazine UK, Jan 2016

 Praise for Cam’s new album Sex & Politics

 “..takes the listener on a glorious sonic excursion that is at times a thing of beauty, at others downright scary, but always totally spellbinding. It’s all totally glorious, totally unique and maybe as fine as music’s likely to get in 2016.”

-Acoustic Magazine, Feb 2016

 "...Sex & Politics is a rough hewn blast of folk, blues, Gospel and vintage rock’n’roll tempered with layers of electronic wizardry provided by sidekick Jon Wood.....there’s no sight of a cauldron but they have whisked up a potent brew." 

 -Folk Radio UK, Jan 2016

  “Stunning” Four Stars, -Scottish Daily Express, Jan 2016