Hellcat Maggies

Oct 26th 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Hellcat Maggies.jpg$15

A new project from Edmonton's Rachelle "Roach" Sandy, Graham Usher, Mark Ohman and Duke Paetz. 

The Mission Statement: Bring to the masses - joy, laughter and merriment (which could lead to dancing).

The personnel of this band speaks for the potential. 

Rachelle “Roach” Sandy-Vocals: With a background in musical theatre and a love for music, Rachelle joined her first band in 1998. Groovetown the disco experience was born! Shortly thereafter Groovetown landed their first overseas gig in Shanghai, China. After a year the name was changed to The Highlites and the tour continued through 7 more venues across South East Asia for almost four years. When time came to move on Rachelle joined International Dance Band Common Culture (members from, Las Vegas, Singapore and Canada) and then Solid Groove (Columbia) and continued her journeys through Thailand and Indonesia.

After returning home to Edmonton Rachelle started her own group, Bad Judgement taking Edmonton by storm for almost 7 years playing bars, events and many weddings. In the last few years she has spent time on stage with The Nervous Flirts, Beat Generation and now The Hellcat Maggies.

Duke Paetz-Drums/Vocals: Duke Paetz is a long-time veteran of the Canadian independent music scene. His playing and singing have been honed to a very fine point (just like Hellcat Maggie's teeth).  Duke has applied his artful craft not only to numerous luminary bands including Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra, Jr. Gone Wild, Greyhound Tragedy, The Fat Dave Crime Wave and The Almost Leather Band - but also backing up such refined artists as Terry Morrison, Jason Kodie, Andrea House, Kevin Cook, Tanyss Nixi, Jen Kraatz, Luanne Kowaluk and more. His exceptional work has led him to record in both studio and live sessions for these and numerous other artists.  Currently enjoying a musical renaissance, Duke is performing in many acts in the Edmonton area including The Pleading Hearts, Beat Generation, The Nervous Flirts (occasionally), and others soon to be appearing near you. Duke is ecstatically happy to bring his hard driving engine of high torque, high octane, percussive, booty-shaking persuasion to Hellcat Maggie and stages right up your alley."

Mark Ohman-Guitar/Vocals/Keys: Mark, originally from Winnipeg, is the “quiet Beatle” in this band. Having played and toured with many top Edmonton acts throughout the late-1980s and 1990s including: Mathew’s Grin, !!Yikes!!, Joint Chiefs, Manhattan, Chill Factor and Beat Generation. The Hellcat Maggies gives Mark the chance to showcase his keyboard chops along with his guitar chops.

Graham Usher-Bass/Vocals: Graham has been evolving as a bass/guitar/keyboard player since the early 1970s with his first band “The Fabulous Thundering Hoofbeats”. He has gone on to play with bass in the 1980s/90s/2000s with Sneakers, Mere Mortals, !!Yikes!!, Manhattan and Beat Generation. And since 1992 he has been the “new guy” playing guitar/bass/keys in the band Thirst ‘n Howl. There’s talk of making him a permanent member if they can just remember where they put the paddle for the initiation ceremony.