Jazz Festival-Generations

Jun 30th 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Jamie Philp, Farley Scott, and Kent Shores bring you an intimate experience of Django Jazz joined by Vocalist Andrea Vogel and Tap Dancer Barbara Vargas. This dynamic group is a musical and visual treat, sure to have you bouncing in your seats!

Originally conceived as a duo project between guitarists Jamie Philp “the mentor for hundreds of Edmonton's young guitarists, and in essence the go-to guitarist for the rest of us” and Kent Shores, “a young talent whose skill level belies his age”, Generations grew into its current iteration to honour their love of hot club jazz. Rounding out the dueling gitane guitars, the ensemble soon expanded to incorporate new members from each generation: upright bassist and jazz scene fixture Farley Scott, Edmonton’s leading tap-dance percussionist Barb Vargas and
local soprano chanteuse Andrea Vogel. Between its members, the group boasts an exceptionally varied set of artistic backgrounds, bringing versatile musicianship and showmanship to the Django jazz genre. The group’s dynamic act has delighted sold out audiences at the Edmonton Confectionery and Café Blackbird.
“Bravura performance Friday night at Cafe Blackbird. Jamie Philp (awesome), Farley Scot (great job), the brilliant young guitarist: Kent Shores and Special Kudos to Barbara Vargas who stole the show with her supreme tap dancing accompaniment ..what a work out.. Fantastic music. Great and Perfect Show...” -Charlie Austin.