Miss Rae & The Midnight Ramblers

May 27th 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Cover $15

Born and raised in Edmonton, Miss Rae returns to her hometown this spring before relocating to establish herself in Montréal. This special evening at the Blue Chair Café features Clayton Sample (the Rockin' Highliners) on guitar, John Richards (Sam Spades) on bass & Dan Levasseur on drums. 

more about Miss Rae:

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A woman with wanderlust, Miss Rae spent 40 days on a blues journey travelling throughout the southern states. Following in the footsteps of Robert Johnson and Howlin' Wolf by singing on porches under the Mississippi heat. She then crossed the waters to France, living in Paris for almost two years.

Collaborating with a French guitarist, the duo's electric sound echoed down the winding halls of Metro stations, stopping travellers in their tracks. Quickly transitioning onto the stages of Paris and bringing a sense of soul to the scene. Miss Rae was selected to play at the 2015 Festival Jazz Sur Seine, presented by Paris Jazz Club.