The Nightshift Trio

Feb 01st 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

nightshiftpic.jpgThe Nightshift


The Night Shift Trio…pulls you into singing, dancing and tapping your way to a fun evening!  Whether you like the fun of funk, the rhythm of rock ‘n roll, or the vocals of nearly 90 combined years of professional musicianship, you’re gonna love what you hear!

How often do you get to hear combined musicianship and voices to deliver every musical genre from country, to R&B, from haunting ballads, to jazz and classic rock…it all happens when “…you’re on The Night Shift…”!

Having appeared in Edmonton’s casinos, pub scene, supporting some great Charities and special events, The Night Shift brings you back in time with great classics to some of today’s notable pop tunes, to original content and incredible vocal and instrumental  arrangements. 

Yep.  You’re gonna love what you hear when you’re on The Night Shift!


The Night Shift Trio is represented by over 90 years of professional musicianship and vocalists.  With the latest in sequencing technology, it comes alive and is musically customized by the talents of Gerry Brown, guitarist, Rick LeBlanc, Keyboardist and none other than Annette Rampersaud, performer, recording artist and vocalist ‘exceptionale’.


ANNETTE RAMPERSAUD, vocalist and recording artist  

Annette travelled from England at a young age and has made her home in Ponoka, Alberta.  As a professional nurse in Psychology, Annette takes the stress in her medical career and transfers that as an incredible vocalist who is just at ease singing Amie Weinhouse as she is singing Aretha Franklin.  From Country to Jazz, Annette sings it all and brings you into her vocal world with ease and excitement both.  Annette has co-written and recorded her own songs such as “I’m Moving On”, as a result of her performing award in Central Alberta.  A performer, a great singer and an infectious smile to go with that incredible voice, Annette will bring you into her vocal world from note one.

GERRY BROWN, guitartist and sound engineer 

How does a great guitartist end up playing clarinet with a symphony?  Easy.  You’re just a great musician!!  Gerry has performed with a number of local musicians and more notably with the Saskatoon Symphony.  He brings vocal harmonies, technological wizadry and some of the best rhythm and lead guitar licks you will hear anywhere.  Gerry’s love for vocal arrangements and influence from symphony experience brings the full sound to The Night Shift Trio every night.  Sorry no clarinet in The Night Shift!

RICK LEBLANC, keyboardist

 Rick is an original Edmontonian who first performed at the age of 5 at the Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton, also delivered his keyboard styles to both the University of Alberta Golden Bears Hockey Club and later the Edmonton Oilers leading crazy fans nightly and even opened for the The Guess Who at the U of A.  With his love for arranging and writing music, Rick loves to take a classic and ‘Shift it’ in the style of the Night Shift Trio.  With his own appreciation for all instruments of the orchestra, Rick brings his synthesizer to The Night Shift with the intent of bringing the best in traditional instrument sounds along with the best in today’s new synthesized music.