Prequal - Edmonton Jazz Festival

Jun 26th 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

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Prequal  - Jerrold Dubyk, Chris Andrew, Josh McHan, Bill George

A group of skilled players with a simple goal in mind, to let the music direct them instead of the other way around. Music and art are products of the environment that surrounds them and with that in mind, these players had decided to let the music be what it needed to be based on the input of the players themselves. It was an inspired idea.

Four players of vastly different experience and approach decided to get together once a week to jam. Everything was recorded, documented and listened to. All improvisations were met with a filter to best prequalify the finest qualities of what the four players were capable of creating.

A rich soundscape of improvised and arranged ideas void of self indulgence and contrived compositional devices. Four players creating and reacting to the very environment they have created with sublime synchronicity and stellar musicianship.

 In a time of musical fragility, where the masses need a label to associate sound, you could say Prequal is "alternative jazz". But Prequal would prefer it if you listened without labels and connect with them on a musical journey.