Shari Ulrich

Jun 03rd 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Cover $20

shariulrich.jpgA two time Juno Award winner, and member the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame, Shari was first known for her multi-instrumentalist skills with the Pied Pumkin and on as the voice of the Hometown Band.  Her career as a singer songwriter brings her to her latest release “Everywhere I Go” (Borealis Records) - engineered and produced by her daughter Julia Graff, also a multi-instrumentalist. It is Shari’s 8th solo album, and the 21st including her work with Ulrich Henderson Forbes, BTU with Barney Bentall & Tom Taylor, and The High Bar Gang. 

from her personal bio...

...from the days of Pied Pumkin when we financed our first recording by collecting the names, addresses and $5 from fans, recorded the album, then mailed it off to all those trusting souls who had pre-paid; (I'm pretty sure the Pied Pumkin's Squash Records was Canada's first "Indie Label", long before such a term existed.) to being signed to world wide record deals with A&M and MCA; to having my own label, Esther Records. Now I’m back on a label, the highly regarded Borealis Records which makes very happy. I've toured every way, from traveling across the US & Canada in a fancy tour bus with Valdy & The Hometown Band, to packing a PA, a piano and the dog and driving to Saskatchewan. I've played Maple Leaf Gardens, Massey Hall, Michael & Kathy’s living room and everything in between. And I've loved it all. I've won Junos (2) and not won a whack of awards. I have a BC Entertainment Hall of Fame star on Granville & Robson where more than a few drug deals and other nefarious transactions have probably taken place...

with PIed Pumpkin, - with Julia Graff and Ted Littlemore - with UHF

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