the Whiskey Jerks

Sep 11th 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

whiskey jerks.jpg$15

the Whiskey Jerks


Comprised of some of Saskatoon's most talented and eclectic musicians (complete with two postgraduate philosophy degrees, several music degrees, and a bartender thrown in for good measure), the Whiskey Jerks have created a sound that is rife with originality, sweet vocal blends and a distinct whiskey-soaked sensibility. Blending klezmer, folk, rock, country-blues, gypsy-punk and jazz, with clever, cocky (and yes, at times sensitive) lyrics infused with an honest prairie sound, the Whiskey Jerks will always keep you guessing... and dancing!

Gillian Snider / Accordion, Vocals
Anna Bekolay / Violin, Vocals
James Diakuw / Clarinet, Vocals
Nevin Buehler / Upright Bass
Peter Abonyi / Guitar
Kevin Buzinski / Percussion