From Joni and Janis to Aretha Franklin to Carole King

Feb 24th 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

The Women of the Woodstock Generation


The late ‘60s and early ‘70s were groundshaking years in music history, and women were at the forefront of that revolution. Janis Joplin wailed her blues in a way that gave Howlin’ Wolf a run for his money; Joni Mitchell elegantly took her place among the best of the original singer-songwriters; Carole King emerged from her workaday song-slingin’ job in New York’s legendary Brill Building to achieve pop stardom singing her own songs in her own voice; Aretha Franklin chewed up and tore down racially-determined genre barriers by blowing the roof off of San Francisco’s Fillmore West for two nights in 1970. 

 Join one of Edmonton’s most versatile and passionate vocalists, Dana Wylie, along with a smokin’ band of Edmonton-music-scene veterans (Dylan Farrell on guitar, Harry Gregg on bass, Matt Blackie on drums) as she celebrates these legendary women and more. This is sure to be an unforgettable evening that will knock your socks off, make your hair stand on end, and leave you begging for these stalwart musicians to take another little piece of your heart. 

 Dana Wylie is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and student of musicology whose history is peppered with a diverse resume of projects – she has a background in professional music theatre, has done stints with Taiwanese jug bands, bluegrass bands and cover bands, and is the creator of two original Fringe Festival productions centred respectively on the chanson of Edith Piaf and the forgotten women of early blues and gospel music. She’ll be releasing her sixth studio album in the Spring of 2017, about which you can learn more at this show.